In defense of grammar, spelling and punctuation

I was just reading a post on LinkedIn about how different generations in the workplace communicate – or not.

I didn’t finish it. It got really long, and I admit, I lost interest. In the comments (sometimes I like them better than the post) there was criticism of improper contractions and spelling. Nitpicky? Maybe. But not wrong.

One commenter – an intern – bashed those concerned about writing quality. He suggested the mistakes were intentional and reflected the way a younger person would speak. This is the internet, he said, get used to it. He added the day the word ain’t was added to the dictionary, the English language died.

I think he was saying if we are too concerned about quality, we might miss out on great content. I know I’m not the only one who thinks that to be taken seriously, you can’t have one without the other. And I don’t believe the English language is dead.

These days, anyone can publish, but it doesn’t mean they should.

At least use proper grammar, punctuation and spelling when using a professional networking site.


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I like to take my camera, get in my car, and see where I end up. Could be an infamous or historic place, a cemetery, some kind of disturbance (like a pipeline) or just some place I haven't been before. Then I take pictures and write about it. Currently in the Washington, Pa., area, but open to suggestions! Connect with me through this site or below on Facebook and Patreon. Support independent journalism!
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