The marriage of Maisy and Oscar: Puppy love!

Wedding of the summer 026

Family and friends attending the Aug. 10 wedding of Maisy and Oscar said it was one of the most beautiful of the summer.

The ceremony was conducted by Scarlett Vesely, 8, daughter of Jon and Karly Vesely, and Ella Henry, 9, daughter of Tim and Letty Henry, all of Greensburg, Pa.

Vows were taken at the Vesely home under a tent illuminated by lanterns created by Scarlett and Ella.

Maisy, the bride, a black Labrador owned by the Henry family, wore a gown made by the girls, but she managed to wrestle free of it walking down the aisle.

Oscar, the groom, a mastiff owned by the Vesely family, waited patiently at the altar.

After a greeting and an opening prayer, a silver chalice (a stainless steel dog dish) was placed on the ground for the Loving Cup Ceremony.

“We now take a special moment for these two to toast their love, devotion and friendship,” Scarlett said. “From the Celtic tradition, we use a ‘loving cup,’ from which these two will share their first sip/slurp as a married couple.”

After the vows and a final blessing, Maisy and Oscar were pronounced “two pooches in love.”

Guests gathered for wedding cake while Maisy and Oscar had their first spat over a biscuit.

Some of the smaller guests took the celebration out into the yard by building a bonfire from tree bark and the battery-operated candles taken from the ceremony lanterns.

Scarlett is the granddaughter of Kathy Burkley, executive director of the Humane Society of Westmoreland County.


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